Friday, January 1, 2010

Adrienne bailon nude photos. Pictures.

Adrienne bailon nude photos. Cool pics:

adrienne bailon nude photosadrienne bailon nude photosadrienne bailon nude photosadrienne bailon nude photos
Is the Cheetah Girls photo scandal, right? In another headache for the Disney Channel, another TV star is in the middle of a nude photo scandal. Adrienne Bailon, 25, is facing now, what Vanessa Hudgens faced such a short time. According to their lawyer, in a statement to TMZ, the photos were taken in private. Apparently, the photos on Cheetah Girl Bailon computer that was stolen at JFK airport. The computer was later returned anonymously, but lacked the photos, and then started on the Internet. It is still not known who stole Bailon computer, and if the same person responsible for the distribution of embarrassing photos of the Disney starlet. and dont say anything bad about Vanessa Hudgens
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